Green-roofed Neben development preserves public space in the heart of Gothenburg

In an effort to preserve the public qualities of the Heden area in downtown Gothenburg, Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture designed an underground, mixed-use complex that offers a variety of amenities while maintaining the advantages of open spaces. The project will offer open-air cafes, restaurants, work and retail spaces, sporting facilities, greenery, and an underground car park.

The project aims to densify and activate the Heden area expected to become a catalyst for the development of Gothenburg city center. The new functions, nestled underneath a large green roof used for sports, would be interconnected by ramps and walkways.

A 10-meter-high facade will provide sufficient natural lighting and create a connection with the adjacent boulevard with open-air cafes, greenery and pedestrian areas. Workspaces, stores and restaurants would open up along the street, forming a dynamic, car-free environment.

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